Here you will find an ever growing list of random and no so random questions that I have given answers to. Got a question hit me up on Twitter and maybe it'll be added here.


What does you name mean?

Over the years my name has meant different things. I don't really view as a name per say but more a reminder, a philosophy, a calling. That calling to be better. To always know there are different perspectives in everything and to seek them out. To never be ever truly comfortable in one's state and willing to be uncomfortable for the greater sake of things. Figure out the core of you and never shake from that. This is what my name means.

You play Diablo from the beginning?

While I had friends that did play Diablo II at the time, my first real jump in to the Diablo franchise was Diablo III. There were long nights of watching my friends play DII and wondering what this was but at the time I wasn't ready. I had just stopped my CS days and was moving on the World of Warcraft for the first time. DII would have blow mine mind in so many ways I don't know if I would have stayed or left.

How long have you been doing community work?

I have been doing community work for Diablo for just shy of a decade almost. Prior to that I did Perfect Dark and Starcraft websites ten years prior. With Diablo it started with a website called Diablo Expressions that I had a number of staff to help me. The biggest claim to fame during that time was our sponsored 300-slot Vent server (remember those days - paying for VOIP?!) and sponsored Diablo clans (before they were a thing in-game). We allowed them to have a certain amount of channels. Let them have admin over them and all this for free! It was a great community effort as well as just meeting new people that loved Diablo.

After that I did It was an ambitious expansion of Diablo Expressions to cover all games. We had three podcasts going. We were invited to multiple betas to report on, the Hearthstone Closed Beta being the most coveted at the time. Blizzard really didn't know the monster of a game they had back then. In the end though, it all proved to be too much to handle.

After that, I took a fellow staffer and myself and we just focused back on Diablo with the first of a few incarnations of Scythe and Shield Podcast. They were guest focused. To get to know your favorite people in the greater Diablo community. We had plenty of streamers, podcasters and influencers on as well as a few regular ol' casuals. This really made it feel like it was a podcast of the people that played the game.

Currently I am doing official Diablo news over at with the lovely folks there as well as every once in a while appear on the Westmarch Workshop podcast. Other than that, doing work here, this is the very short of it.

 Do you attend events with the community?

Yes! I have been to PaxEAST twice. Once for the announcement of Diablo coming to console. Another time for media for the Female Necromancer & physical abilities reveal.

I have also been to BlizzCon every year for the last seven. Each yearit has become every so slightly less about the games and just hanging out with long held friends in the community. Also, sometimes by force, bringing others into the fold sort of speak.

Is there a picture of you?