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Developer Hell #2: Paragon: “A Tale of Two Cities”

Welcome back traveler, to this small corner of Development Hell, the article series where I try to look at problem systems and come up with interesting solutions. They may not be perfect or most fleshed out, but you’ll get a better sense of how to approach the problems at hand. Today’s Development Hell topic is the good ol’ Paragon System.

Development Hell #1: Legendary Gem System

Welcome to Development Hell #1. I have been in talks with “great minds” of Diablo III for a long time over the last few years. Developer insights, player requests... all of which have great merit, and I want to finally attempt to add some of my own to that long list.

Let’s tackle our first topic - legendary gem system! The gem system has been great ever since its initial introduction in Patch 2.1. They have greatly added more to the build diversity we have in Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, and have gone through iterations since that first release. Some gems have been updated for the soon-to-be Patch 2.4.1 along with being able to augment them. All of this is great, but the management, storage, and usage of the gems has become cumbersome and can use an update itself.

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