“The world can be a mad place. It can be a place of strife. It may drive you for the sweet release of death. We must fight back against the demons. We must strive for a day better than today. Take the chance and maybe, just maybe you’ll live long enough, Hero, to enjoy but a moment of peace…before the fight must begin again.”

Hello and welcome to Development Hell #5: Diablo IV Feedback! I originally was going to do feedback in a similar way that others in our community have done. It was a personal source of internal struggle, however. For better or worse, I know my way of looking at things, my perspectives can often be very different. In acknowledging this I hope the difference in perspective adds value to the overall feedback in the end.

NOTE: This feedback came before the System Design, Part Two blog post came out. I will do a video for that in due time by itself.




  • General Intro: 00:00:00
  • World - Intro: 00:02:08
  • World - Mounts: 00:05:31
  • World - World Bosses: 00:08:58
  • World - Stagger and Enhanced Affix System: 00:18:28
  • World - Quests: 00:23:08
  • World - End Game Dungeons: 00:25:45
  • Classes - Intro: 00:34:15
  • Classes - Item Progression: 00:38:07
  • Classes - Legendaries, Sets & Mythics: 00:45:34
  • Classes - Ancients: 00:55:42
  • Classes - Skills & Skill Points: 01:08:08
  • Classes - Trading: 01:34:05
  • Long term Player Progression: 01:43:51
  • Outro: 1:56:49

If you would like to get in contact with me, get me at: @dredscythe on twitter and thank you for watching.