In this Development Hell I go over the December 2020 Quarterly Update blog and give some feedback. This time the Diablo IV team assaults us with all, largely positive, glorious itemization information. Some old systems are coming back in new ways. Some design choices are being left to the development scrap floor and the game feels like it if finally coming together in some important areas!

I tackle each section in the feedback and can't wait for more during BlizzConline!

I hope you enjoy and will see you next time.

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  • Intro: 00:0
  • General: 01:15
  • Skill Tree: 08:30
  • Primary Stats: 09:45
  • Weapon Types: 20:45
  • Item Qualities & Legendary Affixes: 25:55
  • Uniques: 32:45
  • Set Concept (Personal idea - not Dev Team): 34:55
  • Final Thoughts & Outro: 42:50



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